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The small part of the Norwegian coastline covered by this website is highlighted in red on the map. Even within this area, much of the diving is unexplored. It's easy to see why Norway is such a great place for adventurous and exploratory divers - Narvik inside the Arctic Circle, and Molde just north of Ålesund are the only other areas on the west coast that are visited by significant numbers of divers.

The dive sites are shown by symbols on six overlapping maps. Scenic sites are dots, and wreck sites are represented by a shipwreck symbol. Rolling the mouse over a symbol brings up its name, and clicking on a symbol brings up the page with the relevant diving details. Click on a map to see where the dive sites are. Reading left to right, top to bottom, the chartlets below are arranged from south to north.

south_1.jpg (71640 bytes)              bergen1.jpg (67548 bytes)                 Sognef1.jpg (18807 bytes)

Stavanger to Bergen     Bergen to Sognefjord      Inner Sognefjord

   sognef2.jpg (72986 bytes)         askvol1.jpg (50482 bytes)         målø1.jpg (63030 bytes)

Sognefjord to Fløro    Askvoll to Måløy        Måløy to Ålesund