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Sognefjord to Fløro

This area, plus a few miles north of it, contains probably the best diving in the whole of the area covered by this guide, with several world-class wrecks, stupendous walls, and good marine life. North of Sognefjord the scenery is rugged and beautiful, with craggy hills and rocky islands. There are many attractive harbours, with Hardbakke on Sula being perhaps the finest. Fløro is a pleasant small town with good connections by road and sea to Bergen. There are several wrecks in the area which have yet to be located.

Bergenseren Soløy Svanholm Laforey Austeneshamn Ramfos Jakk Havda Sakrisskjoen click on  satellite photo opposite for details Rollø see Inner Sognefjord for sites in this area Jupiter Halsteinbåen Unknown 32 Unknown 31 Brudanger Unknown 30 Bevo Cymric Vale Frankenstein see Askvoll to Måløy for scenic dives in this area Skorpa Kytringsholmen unknown 29  

      Sakrisskjoen Hasløy Kraksnova V5531 Ferndale & Parat Solvang II Stanley Riset Lasken Bornes Hamnaholmen very steep wall below old gunnery target - undived

                     Krakhella Satellite Photograph