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South of Bergen

This area is less popular with British divers than the waters to the north. It's a relatively heavily populated area (by Norwegian standards - think Firth of Clyde or Scapa Flow). There is one unavoidable exposed stretch of water just north of Haugesund which can give rise to an uncomfortable couple of hours sailing in unsettled weather, if you are travelling to/from Bergen. There are a large number of wrecks and scenic sites around Haugesund - many more than are covered in this website. There are currently cheap flights from the UK to Haugesund, which could make a land-based diving trip there feasible. There is almost no information published about diving around Stavanger: the only dive on this website is the outstanding wall beneath Prekestolen. The combination of heavy shipping traffic, low-lying islands, and WW1 and WW2 suggests that there must be many wrecks to be found near Stavanger. A few large wrecks are known off Egersund, south of the area covered by the website. However they are all deep and in exposed positions.

Prekestolen use Haugesund photo opposite use Bergen photo opposite   Roma Stålbarden Saude Kinn/Rekstøy Unknown 15 Tramcars Various wrecks Florvåg Topdal Bergen satellite photograph  Strassburg Unknown 11 Anna Sofie Vestra Unknown 12 Agnes Kraft Morild Schwalbe Haugesund satellite photograph

                                                                                                                                                                                Bergen satellite photograph                                                     Haugesund satellite photograph