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Måløy to Ålesund

There is some excellent diving around Ålesund, and the scenery just to the east is superb, with jagged snow-capped mountains. Some of the wrecks are on the deep side though. The journey around Stattlandet is unavoidable and exposed. It can be uncomfortable in all but the calmest weather, and may be impassable in stormy weather. East of Stadt, the inner route to Ålesund is sheltered, but the best dive sites are well spaced out. The outer route is shorter but crosses open sea. Ålesund is about 6 or 7 hours from Bergen by road, making it just about feasible for a shore-based trip or liveaboard pickup point, without adding extra days travelling.

Jonarnes Pastan use satellite photo opposite   Eltraneset Tuvaneset Skjongflua Furkenholmen Konsul Karl Fisser Barcelona Rimage Iris Unknown 28 Riddervoll Øygar