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61º 29´N 04° 58´E





The Welheim is one of the largest intact wrecks in the area. She was a 5455gt German cargo vessel built in Germany in 1939. She measured 126x18x7 metres and was oil powered. She sank on Askrova just south of Florø after being torpedoed by a Norwegian MTB in November 1944. At the time she was carrying a cargo of coal to Ålesund. 

The wreck lies on her port side with the top of the bow facing SW at 12m and the stern in 70m, on a slope of about 20°. The remains of a gun platform lie in 30m on the seabed near the bow, and coal can be seen in the holds. Anti-aircraft guns are visible near the bridge, which is midships. The massive funnel is still attached, just behind the bridge and main accommodation, at about 45m. The wreck is free of silt and makes an excellent dive.

A Stolt Comex survey in August 1993 shows a propeller lying on the seabed near the stern, and a 5m diameter hole near the stern on the starboard side, presumably torpedo damage.