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Hopshabn (Thunderflash wreck)




61º 37´N 05° 04´E





The bows of this small vessel are resting on the shore on the E side of the channel. She was originally built in 1912 as the Askøy. The 135t vessel measured 90x18 feet. She was renamed in 1953 and sold to a company in Florø, where she was used as an accommodation vessel for herring fishermen. When the fish stocks collapsed in 1956 she was abandoned, and in 1959 she broke her moorings during a gale, ran ashore and sank. There is sufficient scattered wreckage underwater, that a diver on one of our trips became engrossed in rummaging and stayed down so long that he was recalled with a thunderflash - much to the amusement of the rest of the party. Hence the wreck's nickname.