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60 49N 04 48E





The Hkon was a small steamer built in Glasgow in 1868 as the Livonia. She measured 44x7x3m and 333brt, and had a quadruple expansion engine. She acquired her final name in 1906 when she was bought by a Norwegian company. She hit rocks and sank in good weather in January 1910 and now lies near Ingeborgholmen, not far from the Katja.

The wreck lies upright in sheltered water, in 46m to the seabed at the bow, the deepest point. The stern lies against the reef at 30m to the top, 34m to the seabed. The rudder and 4-bladed propeller are in place. The superstructure has gone, but she is otherwise intact. The spare propeller, engine, and remains of the wheel are all exposed. The decking has gone, and a variety of swimthroughs are available. Visibility is normally good, making this a very good dive. She does lie very close to a shipping channel (defined by the white sectors of nearby lights) however, so it is important that divers descend and ascend via the shotline.

The following drawings are an amalgam of various sketches made by divers on the Gaelic Rose during summer 2007.