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60º36.72 ´N 04° 56.85´E





The Eline was a barque, a 3-masted sailing ship with square-rigged sails on 2 masts, similar in size and layout to the Statsråd Lehmkuhl which can often be seen around Bergen. She was built of iron, in Whitehaven in 1873 as the Eskdale, and measured 67x10x7 metres and weighed 1166nrt. She was renamed Eline in 1904. She sank  in January 1912 after being driven ashore during a snowstorm.

The wreck lies NNW/SSE and is very broken. Many of her ribs still protrude 2 or 3m above the coarse sand seabed, and large hull plates are scattered around, hiding large lobsters. Various broken ship parts - hatches, rigging, masts, etc, can be seen. Scallops can be found in slightly deeper (20-25m) water to the S of the wreckage. The Eline makes a reasonable second dive.

This is a (disused) military area. Divers have been arrested and fined for diving here in the past. It may be worth asking for permission.

Statsråd Lehmkuhl photo: Pete Sheppard