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S of Steinsund°y


61║ 02┤N 04░ 47┤E





This site makes a pleasant second dive. The smashed remains of a small steamship, said to be a passenger vessel named Bergenseren, lie in about 15m. The wreck lies NW/SE. The wreckage consists of a bow winch, some ribs and frames, a boiler, the rudder, and a 4 bladed iron propeller perhaps 1m in diameter attached to 5m or so of shaft. It is all heavily encrusted, so the wreck has obviously been there a long time.

The seabed is coarse sand and gravel, so the visibility remains good even in the presence of 12 divers. The rudder post is separated from the main wreckage and lies a few metres to the SE at the foot of an overhanging wall to 20m. An unusually large number of nudibranches were seen here. Following the cliff to the S, then E across boulders in the bed of a gully, then S again, gives a pretty finish to the dive. Scallops and anglerfish can be found on the flat sandy seabed to the SW of the cliffs.