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SW side Ytre Sula


60 59N 04 40E





The Sif  was a 3029brt Norwegian steamship built in 1902. She measured 98x14x7 metres. She ran aground in bad visibility in September 1919 while carrying 4500t of wheat from Buenos Aires to Vaksdal (near Bergen) for Russian relief.

             supplied by Geir Joer

The wreck lies against a sloping reef with the bow out across sand in 39m and the stern against the reef in 24m. The superstructure, decks and the sides of the hull have gone, leaving the remains laid out like a kit waiting to be assembled. The whole of the boiler and engine assembly is exposed and upright in about 28m. The 3 pistons are about 1.5m in diameter. The spare propeller lies amidships, just forward of the engine. Behind the engine the propeller shaft has fallen off its supports, which lie spaced out alongside it in their original positions. We saw no trace of the main propeller, and one of our divers noticed several places where portholes had obviously been removed. The rudder lies alongside a broken piece of propeller shaft, about 10m off the port side at the stern. The cliff behind the stern rises steeply to 8m, and is very pretty.