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60║ 45┤N 04░ 42┤E





The Server was a Cypriot bulk carrier, 180m loa  and 33333 dwt, 19800brt. She ran aground in bad weather right under the Hellis°y light at the SW tip of Fedje on 12th January 2007. After grounding, the ship broke in two in heavy seas. The forward section, which includes all 5 holds, was towed to safe waters at ┼gotnes on Sotra, about 20nm to the south, and was later taken away to have a new stern attached. The rear section, including the bridge and accommodation block, sank. All the crew were saved. Several fuel tanks ruptured during the incident: hundreds of tons of oil were spilled, and substantial numbers of seabirds were killed.

Bilde av "Server" tatt i Dunquerke. ( Foto: ROBERT FOURNIER )                                                                                'X' marks the spot. Posted at www.dykkesiden.com                                       

The forward part at ┼gotnes 8th Feb 2007

The Server is now an interesting dive, possible only in calm weather. In August 2008 the wreckage was lying on its keel, completely intact (apart from the broken off section) with a 20list to port and a mast just breaking the surface. It lies N-S with the stern to the N. Given the wreck's exposed position I would expect that it will not remain intact for very long. There are walkways, ladders and multiple entrances to be explored. In good visibility the wheelhouse, battery compartment, and generator room can all be visited without the need for line-laying. Deeper penetrations into the accommodation and engine compartments are possible for those appropriately skilled, equipped, and motivated. In several places, lines had been laid leading deep inside the wreck. The ones I saw were flimsy, and I would not have trusted them for an extended penetration. There is a substantial amount of debris obstructing the companionways from the wheelhouse down into the lower accommodation levels. There are large winches at the stern, and also a fair amount of floating rope, which would be a hazard in poor visibility.




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