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SE of Skorpa


61º 36´N 04° 54´E





The Rollø was a 42nrt Norwegian fishing vessel from Harstad, built in 1876 . She was fitted with a compound engine in 1896, and measures 21x4x2 metres. She was abandoned in January 1921 after she ran aground and the crew were unable to reverse her off. She later floated free, drifted onto rocks, and sank. She is lying on her port side on a sandy ledge with the bows in 30m and the stern in 24m. The superstructure has gone, as has the propeller. The rudder and some decking remain, together with parts of the engine and a variety of sinks and galley equipment.

The wreck can be found by diving NE down to 25m from the rock with a pin in it, then swimming N for a short distance. There are scallops on the sand slopes above the wreck.