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Orm Jarl




61 20N 04 47E





The Orm Jarl was built in Sunderland in 1888 and was originally named Hamburg. She was sold to Nordenfjeldske in 1913 and ran aground near Alden on 31st December 1919. The 792gt vessel broke in two and was a total loss.  


The intact stern section lies N-S on its starboard side on a gentle slope, with the propeller and rudder at 38m and the two boilers at 28m. The top of the wreck at the stern is at about 32m. There are some tempting swimthroughs in the stern section, but in 2008 there were a number of large plates which looked in imminent danger of collapsing, so great care is needed. The bow section is completely smashed and lies to the S in 18m to 12m.  Heavy rust stains on the coarse sand slope to the south point the way from the boilers up to the bow section.