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61º 36´N 05° 03´E





The Optima was a 1249gt German steamship built in 1925. She measured 72x11x4 metres and had triple expansion engines. She was attacked and sunk by Norwegian MTBs while at anchor in April 1943.


The wreck lies on her port side in about 38m, with the bows facing E. She is intact. The rudder and propeller shaft can be seen at around 36m. The propeller has gone. The shallowest part of the wreck is just before the bow at about 28m. Part of her cargo at the time of her sinking was provisions for the German High Command. Round cheeses about 30cm in diameter can be seen floating beneath the gunwhale on the starboard side near the stern (we did not discover if the cheese is edible. Our boatman failed to spot the one we sent to the surface). Bottles of wine can be seen through a hole in the deck near the forward hold. I have it on good authority that the wine tastes very sulphurous, and is undrinkable. There were many fish around the wreck. The Optima is situated in a busy part of the harbour, not far from a fairway. Permission to dive is required from the harbourmaster.