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60 32N 05 07E





This is a superb wall dive, by any standards. There is a cliff plunging from above the surface into 200m or more along a stretch of a mile or so centred on the above position. In some places there are shelves and ledges, and in others the wall is vertical or overhanging from the surface to 60m at least. Between 10m and 30m or so the rock is covered in white tunicates, patrolled by pollack and wrasse. Large numbers of small fry live amongst the seaweed in 3m or less. Below 30m large colourful solitary anemones can be seen. Perhaps the most remarkable feature of dives on this wall is the shoal of 100+ spurdog up to 1.5m in length which congregate here every summer. They are very inquisitive and will swim right up to your mask before turning away. Being surrounded by sharks on a dive on a huge wall in a Norwegian fjord is an amazing experience!