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Mercantil Marica


SW of Ytre Sula


60 56N 04 37E





(Alle foto: NRK)The Mercantil Marica was a 15000t Brazilian tanker which ran aground and broke in two in October 1989. 350t of bunker oil was spilled, requiring an extensive cleanup operation which cost 4,000,000.



Photo: NRK

The wreck lies roughly N/S in a gully about 30m deep, with the bows to the S. The top of the bow is at 25m, and the deepest section is around 35m. The Mercantil Marica is broken into chunks, most of which are like huge cubes and are relatively intact. Some are upright and some have capsized. At the bow itself there is a large anchor, and massive chain links lie on the seabed. As far as I know the stern section has not yet been located. There is lots of life on the reefs surrounding the wreck. The wreck is in a very exposed and rock-strewn area, so calm weather and good surface visibility are required to visit this site.