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61º 28.8´N 05° 21.8´E





On the chart, the 20m, 50m and 100m isobaths disappear and the 200m isobath is very close to the shore. The fjord is only half a mile wide at this point, and is over 300m deep. There is likely to be a dramatic vertical wall here. There are several other similar possibilities nearby:

bulletTrøsevika opposite on the N side of the fjord
bulletEngjabø on the N side 2nm to the E
bulletSkorva on the S side 2nm to the W
bulletÅlasundet on the S side 3nm to the E. Here the fjord is about 250m wide and 250m deep. It is possible that there could be significant tidal flow through here, and it would be advisable to seek local advice - this would not be a good spot to be caught in a downcurrent. If it is tidal, the life should be good.