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Sendingane 6nm W of Batalden


61 39.2N 04 34.3E





The Laforey was a 609t Grimsby trawler built in 1949 and measuring 52x9x4 metres. She ran aground and capsized on the most easterly of three rocks which constitute the Sendingane reef in February 1954. All 20 men on board died. The photographs of the skipper and his wrecked vessel were sent to me by Gareth Evans, his grandson. Gareth was a trawler skipper himself, and his father Tom Evans skippered the Laforey's sister-ship Stockham, one of the trawlers which went to the aid of the Laforey.

The remains of the wreck have been dived. The anchor and bell were located and photographed in September 2010. The wreck lies upside down in about 35m of water with the bows fairly intact. The wreck site is said to be subject to surge due to its exposed position.


photo from Mick Evans collection                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            William Mogg DSC MBE RNR


Arctic Corsair - 1954 Laforey

http://www.nrk.no/nyheter/distrikt/nrk_sogn_og_fjordane/1.7270833 - Norwegian news report of September 2010 dive on the wreck, including video.