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Konsul Karl Fisser




62º 29.9´N 06° 09.2´E





The Konsul Karl Fisser was a 5845brt German cargo vessel built in 1914. She was 128 metres long. She was attacked and set on fire by British aircraft in May 1942. She later sank under tow. All the crew escaped. Salvage was attempted by a Polish team during the 1950s, and the wreck was brought to the surface. She sank again after a few minutes, and the salvage operation was abandoned.

The Konsul Karl Fisser sits upright with the top of the stern at about 20m and the bow at 42m (over 50m to the seabed). The midships area is possibly the most interesting, at around 30-35m. It is possible to penetrate the cavernous engine room quite easily. This is a really huge wreck, with fish life to match. You could easily spend several dives on her. The surface current over the wreck can be quite strong at times, but it eases as you approach the wreck, which has plenty of shelter in any case. 



This document was discovered on the wreck in 1988 by Tor-Ola G Olsen and Torry Larsen. It results from an inspection of the vessel in 1939. Roughly translated it reads:

"Instruction No 37..........the sanitary condition pertaining to toilets, washing sinks, and showers is in such a state that they are not fit for civilised people..........."  It can't have been a nice vessel to work on at that time.