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Klaus Fritzen et al




61 56.732N 05 08.260E





The Klaus Fritzen was a 2936gt German cargo vessel built in 1922. She measured 96x14x6.5 metres and had triple expansion engines. She was bombed by British aircraft in May 1943 while at anchor in Mly harbour, and sank at her moorings.

The wreck is said to be in relatively intact in 40-55m, but with obvious damage from the attack which sank her. There are 2 charted wrecks in Mly harbour, in 20-30m(W) and 30-45m(E) respectively, the deeper of which may be the Klaus Fritzen. A  further wreck charted in the main channel 1800m N of the bridge is now believed to be the Tore Hund, a 460grt freighter measuring 58x9x5 metres which sank in September 1977 and now lies in 45 to 60m.  We sounded it at 55m to the top. Permission from the harbour master is required to dive these wrecks.

The following vessels were sunk in Ulvesund during Operation Archery in December 1941. It's possible that the remains of some of these account for the other charted wrecks.

Name Type Tonnage Built Fate
Reimar Edzard Fritzen Freighter 2935 1922 salvaged
Norma Freighter 2288 1911 salvaged
Eismeer Freighter 1004 1941 salvaged?
Anita L M Russ Freighter 1712 1926 sunk in 30 fathoms
Rechtenfleth Tug 148 1929 salvaged?
V5108 Patrol boat 207 1911 salvaged?







http://www.skovheim.org/located/sogn/kfritzen/kfritzen.html The position given in this link corresponds to the charted wreck believed to be Tore Hund