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60º 59.671´N 05° 28.556´E





The Inger Seks was a 4969gt steamship with triple expansion engines, built in 1913. She measured 115x16x8 metres. The Norwegian vessel was commandeered by the Germans early in WW2.

 She went aground and was subsequently attacked by allied aircraft in April 1945. She burned for several days before she sank.



For many years the wreck lay intact on her port side. The shallowest point was the starboard rail at the bow at 25m. The stem of the bow was at 30m, and the seabed was 35m. The foremast lay out across the bottom, and the bridge was an impressive sight as it loomed up out of the depths. The seabed was at about 50m around the bridge area. Sadly for air divers, the wreck has now rolled over down the slope, out of air diving range.

The wreck can be dived from the shore. Turn off the E39 at Instefjord, taking the road to Brekke. The site is about a mile up the road. The wreck lies on the north site of the alluvial fan of a stream which enters the fjord between two short road tunnels. It's about halfway on the 4 hour drive between Bergen and Florø.