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NW of Atl°y


61║ 22.3┤N 04░ 54.0┤E





The Austholm was a 108brt Norwegian fishing vessel measuring 29x5x3 metres, built in 1902 and originally named Sigerfjord. In February 1959 she struck the Hind°ysund light and sank, having holed her port bow. The crew were rescued by the 110ft MFV Gullsten.

picture courtesy Geir

When we dived here we had been told that a wreck lay just S of the light which stands at the NE tip of the small island just NE of Hind°yna. At the SE of the small island we found an anchor in 25m with its chain running up into the rocks, but no other wreckage. The seabed here is coarse sand and it holds plenty of scallops. Subsequent information suggests that the wreck lies about 100m to the NW of the light, on the boundary between the red and green sectors (which means it's bang on the edge of the fairway - watch out for boat traffic). The wreck of the Austholm lies in 45-48m. It is intact with a slight list to starboard. The masts have fallen to the seabed.