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Helene Jensen


S of Ålforo


59º 51.070´N 05° 16.410´E





This wreck is a small coaster of 250brt built in Holland in 1931 as the Noord Stad. She measured 40x7x3m and was powered by a 280hp diesel engine. She was eventually bought by a Danish shipping company and renamed Helene Jensen. She ran aground in March 1980 whilst on a voyage from Haugesund towards Svelgen, in ballast.

The wreck lies upright, intact, and N-S on a sandy slope with the bows to the S. There is a rocky reef close to the E, and sandy gullies directly either side of the wreck. At the stern it is 12m to the top and 15m to the seabed. At the bow it is 32m to the top and 35m to the seabed. The wooden wheelhouse and accommodation are at the rear of the vessel. Forward are the holds and a mast. There is a swim through under the hull. When we dived her in July 2001 there were still traces of blue and white paint on the superstructure, and many of the fittings had been removed.