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E side of Ytre Sula


61 02.37N 04 43.88E





 The Frankenwald was a German cargo vessel which hit the rocks and then sank in January 1940. The 5000brt vessel was built in 1922 and measured 122x17x7 metres. The propeller was salvaged after the war. 

The wreck sits upright with the bows to the S in 40m, and the stern in 35m. She is almost completely intact, possibly due to the manner of her sinking, and the very sheltered spot in which she lies. Both masts are still upright, extending to barely 5m below the surface, and are completely covered with plumose anemones and other species. The stern section is interesting, with an auxiliary steering wheel, a bank of air cylinders at the starboard side, and a block of three toilets at the port side. The captain's bath can be seen in the forward accommodation. The top of the wreck is at 24m - on the centre accommodation block above the engine room. The main deck is at about 30-32m. Visibility on the Frankenwald is normally good. There are a lot of fish on and around the wreck, notably large pollack. There is often a surface current, which can be as much a a knot, but it is normally slack below the halocline at 6m or so. The Frankenwald is an excellent wreck, though the dive is rather too much of a rectangular profile for my taste.






The author and marine life on the mast of the Frankenwald - photos by Rachael Blackwell




Inner Space Photo Album