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Dalsfjord Walls




Various about 61º 20´N 05° 20´E




N789 and N790

There are several potentially steep walls to 50m and beyond in this sheltered fjord. The sites are described from W to E.

Langenesberga - 61 19N 05 12E - half a mile of headland with no 20m isobath and 100m close to shore

Bogevika - 61 22N 05 14E - a bay on N side with drop to 47m. Road runs alongside.

Melberget - 61 22N 05 18E to 05 20E - a stretch of coast on N side with no 20m isobath and 250m not far off shore

ytre Øya - 61 21.4N 05 19E - the SW corner of the island drops into 80m. Possibility of tide through this channel.

Nishammaren - 61 22.5N 05 24E - half mile stretch of headland from high power cable S with 100m close to shore. Village of Dale nearby to S.

Hårkallevika - 61 22.3N 05 35E to 05 36.5E - stretch of N coast dropping straight into 90m. Possibility of unusual marine life this far up the fjord.