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W of Byrknesøy


60º 54.6´N 04° 46.7´E





A 500brt cargo vessel, the Austri, ran aground here in a storm in September 1979. She was a modern vessel built in Germany in 1969. Five crew lost their lives. She was later salvaged but parts of the bow are left, plus assorted pieces of debris.


A drive shaft, some ribs, and air start cylinders are visible in 15m.  An eerie layer of yellowish water hung over the wreckage when we dived it. A narrow gully runs north from the W end of this wreckage, passing through a ridge. Further wreckage lies at around 20m where the gully ends. A very scenic cliff with a wall to about 30-35m, runs for several hundred metres N from here bounding an extensive area of shallow ground to the E. The scenery is reminiscent of the Farnes, and a worthwhile dive itself. Further wreckage may lie to the E of the  shaft. It is not feasible to make a circular dive around the rock which shows immediately N of the wreck site.