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Dive Sites in Western Norway

The west coast of Norway has some world class diving. It is also a place of great scenic beauty. With thousands of miles of sheltered coastline, intact wrecks, warm summers, and few other divers, Norway makes a wonderful location for a diving holiday. This website contains details of almost 200 wreck and scenic sites from Stavanger to Ålesund.   You can access the information via a series of clickable maps or you can select from an alphabetical list. There is also a section giving advice about diving in Norway.  



Richard Scarsbrook 

November 2004


Second Edition January 2006  

The latest edition contains an additional 30 divesites, including several wrecks; names and details of several wrecks previously listed as 'unknown'; new drawings and photographs of many wrecks; and images from Google Earth to supplement the location maps. Further additions are planned, including sections on diving further north, as far up as Narvik and Lofoten.


Third Edition December 2006

This edition contains an additional 20 divesites, discovered or reported during summer 2006, plus revised travel information.


Fourth Edition October 2007

This edition contains 4 additional wrecks, discovered or reported during 2007, plus various updates to existing pages, and revised travel information.


Fifth Edition October 2010

Updates on 11 sites following dives conducted during 2008, revised travel information, and various minor updates


Sixth Edition June 2015

Partial update following Norway diving trip June 2015


Last update 25th April 2016


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